Letter to the editor: Response to ‘Geiger’s Culture Counter’

Despite my Trekker’s desire to know all things Kahn I, too, could not conclude ‘Moby Dick’-SEVEN chapters on the color white was sufficient for me! (And “Paradise Lost” and “Paradise Regained” was bad enough to make even Hell boring! Milton without Bradley can be pretty tedious!)

Equal on my list of long stories that weren’t short enough was Thomas Covenant’s SEVEN books about how a leper doesn’t make for a great protagonist and an even worse “hero.”

Or the dull but somehow still great “In Search of the Snow Leopard” where, spoiler alert, Matthiessen never does find the elusive feline. He does however find numerous and sometimes fresh “evidence” of the Abominable Snowman/Yeti!-but since that’s not what he was after that effort went nowhere — even though that’s where he was doing most of his searching! (The “takeaway”? Tibet can be cold!;-)

As for Authoress Ursula K. Le Guin please be warned that her every effort isn’t a “classic” like “Lathe of Heaven”! Given that I’d suggest that her short story “Those Who Left Athelas” was best, and not just for brevity. As a tale about the price of paradise being too high if paid by the plight of another I would recommend this as a starter even as I commend you for having her on your To Do list!

Jeffrey H. Miller