Letter to the Editor: Response to Mayor Coleman letter

Alamosa Mayor Coleman paints a dramatic yet false narrative in his editorial titled “Alamosa mayor urges “no” vote on Amendment 74.” Under the scrutiny of factual daylight his arguments are exposed to be governmental self protectionism. So let’s shed a little daylight on Amendment 74.

Under current property rights law in Colorado, government can make policies and pass regulations that destroy more than 90 percent of the value of private property without having to compensate the owner! I’m not okay with my home or farm being devalued by 90 percent without compensation, are you? That is what Amendment 74 would fix. It would require courts to revisit that incredibly unfair standard and more fairly interpret property rights protections. 

Regarding the claims Mayor Coleman makes of having to “govern defensively” I say great. Amendment 74 empowers citizens and gives them recourse in the courts when government actions causes damage to the value of their property. This country is built on a system of checks and balances, and this amendment ensures that governments and citizens are given equal footing according to the law.

We shouldn’t be surprised when governments push back on a measure that limits their power. Vote YES on Amendment 74!

James Henderson