Letter to the editor: Response to Thompson letter and Kavanaugh

Don Thompson ended his latest letter with the lame rhetorical (non) question as to what “Ms. Ford” has to gain with uncorroborated salacious accusations from the last millennium. I would offer she has the same “gain” as sought against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from when the democrats last played the politics of personal destruction against a nominee they couldn’t oppose by objective performance or qualification assessments!

It is an irony that seems to elude Don that ignores the constitutional standards and guarantees of due process, confrontation and cross examination of Accusers and the presumption of innocence UNTIL guilt is established beyond reasonable doubt! This irony is accentuated as Mr. Thompson uses these anti-constitutional non-standards as cause to keep an eminently qualified judge from interpreting That Old Rag that Don despises.

Perhaps Don should be more circumspect in his assault against the constitution since as judge Kavanaugh’s example shows any and every one of us is but an unsubstantiated aspersion, with no statute of limitations, away from having their career, reputation and more eliminated!

For I could detail all of Don’s assaults against myself from years far back, undeterred by the fact that we’ve never even met! For in Don’s rightside-wrong interpretation of That Old Rag it’s the ACCUSED who bears the burden of ‘proof’ against an impossible negative.

Or must we add sexism to this assault against the constitution by deeming with PC hypocrisy and paternalistic condescension that only women are exempted against those constitutional protections and provisions otherwise intended for “all”? (Whoever might be left when 49 percent of all people are pitted unfairly against an ‘other’ 49 percent!)

Jeffrey H. Miller

Saguache, Colorado


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