Letter to the editor: Rink is a dream come true

Dear Alamosa city and county officials,

The new Multi-Purpose Pavilion/Ice Rink is a dream come true! The facility is perfect, the staff are congenial and competent, the vista to the east of the Sangre de Cristos is beautiful, and the ice is as luscious as a chocolate truffle.

As I was donning my skates the other day at the rink, a little boy came skittering by on the ice near the spectators’ benches. I asked him how the ice was. He retorted with, “Slippery! When you fall, you have to be careful of that bone, right there. That can hurt.” (pointing to his hip). The profound wisdom of a child…

So, with that prudent warning, I am enjoying every chance I get to be out there on the ice. On Saturday afternoon, I bet there were 100 of us learning how to skate or to improve our skills--working on “crossovers”, pushing off with one foot and skating on the other, doing figure 8s, and circling around to go backwards among other things. But best of all, everyone was having a great time getting some exercise and spending time with family and friends.

Thanks a million for your work on making this facility a reality for our community. It is a kick.

Susan Foster




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