Letter to the editor: Sanchez family thanks community

Charlie and I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of you that supported the Have A Heart Day at Domino’s Pizza that helped to raise funds for our son Peyton’s medical care. WOW!  This town can sure rally together and get big things accomplished. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this community is truly amazing.

We are blessed to call this home, and to call you all our family, friends and neighbors. A huge thank you to Jennifer Gibbs in helping to get this all organized and to all the hard working staff at Dominos. You all were so busy, rushing around and trying to stay caught up. Your hard work didn’t go unnoticed. We appreciate you all so much! We’ll never forget all the love that was put into this very special day.

On check presentation day, we met with the Domino’s Regional Director and the Vice President of Operations. Both of them said they’ve been a part of these kinds of fundraisers before at other Dominos across the country, but the two events that have been held at the Alamosa Domino’s Pizza have far surpassed any of the others! That says something about our community and the willingness of people here to help each other out.

Again, we are so proud to call this home and we’re thankful to have such a strong community around us. We certainly face our fair share of challenges, but so do many of you, and we recognize that you all took time out of your lives and away from your own challenges to support our family. We sincerely thank you for that. We will be forever grateful and will continue trying to pay it forward as much as we can. Thank you all again for your love and support.

Charlie, Sheila, Peyton

and Landon Sanchez           


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