Letter to the editor: Sanctuary campus?

Looks like the ASU trustees got caught with their hands in the symbolism over substance cookie jar.

Why would they even choose to establish a sanctuary campus, when they know it’s against the law? Do they not understand the word illegal immigrant, or undocumented citizen? Are they doing this just to protect, and or increase attendance? How about if they want to push this off on the citizenry, they get out their own checkbooks and personally pay all the expenses for these illegals, and or protected students? Oh, and while they’re at it, they would be held personally responsible for any crimes committed by these people. What’s wrong with taking these students, and going through the proper channels to keep them here legally?

And then there's the vice chairman of the ASU trustees saying "I was never comfortable with the term sanctuary”(unquote). Then why was the premise ever initiated? Of course the vice chairman will say anything to save her social and political status, so no surprise there.

People of Alamosa, we are in a cultural war for our American values, standards, and beliefs. Why do you continue to raise the white flag of surrender in these kinds of battles? Looking at the current events in Alamosa, Alamosa County voted for Hillary in 2016, the marijuana question still haunts, violent crime in the area as a whole is on the increase, and now this?

If one didn’t know better it looks like Alamosa is going to have to change its name to “Berkley". All you need now is a Birkenstock store, a Subaru dealership, some downtown marijuana dispensaries, and several more hookah lounges.

D Davison


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