Letter to the editor: Senator Gardner is Number Five

Number five (“# 5”) in what? I’m sure that Senator Gardner could think of many U.S. Senate categories in which he would like to be #5. Unfortunately, this category is neither flattering nor supports the viewpoint of a majority of his constituents.  Gardner is # 5 on the list of the greatest amount of campaign contributions received by U.S. senators from the National Rifle Association (“NRA”).  Only four other U.S. senators received more money than Gardner.  This statistic only includes the amount of DISCLOSED contributions, not NRA’s contributions of “dark money” (undisclosed funding) used in his election campaigns.  THE TOP TWENTY WERE ALL REPUBLICANS!!

The problem is that the contributions are intended to influence Gardner’s vote against any proposed, common-sense gun regulation. The seemingly-innocent “Rifle Association” is now an association that protects the right to own weapons of war.  Its name has no bearing to “rifles” (in the context of hunting or skeet shooting or self defense), but now refers to assault weapons--weapons of war. The “NRA” should be changed to “NAWA”--National Assault Weapons Association.

We have just experienced our 18th school shooting of 2018. The perpetrator used an assault weapon aimed at innocent children and teachers. There were many heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the students. Imagine if your children had been there!! Assault weapons mean more victims--their purpose is to slaughter. However, it is a violation of international law for “armed forces” to slaughter innocent civilians. Yet, our laws permit the slaughter of innocent civilians; they allow military weapons to be sold to anyone with the money to buy them.

Can Gardner be trusted to do the right thing by banning public sales of military assault weapons? Not when he received $3,879,000 from the “NAWA.” How many more innocent civilians will be killed before Congress does what is best for our and our children’s safety. Gardner must put our safety ahead of monetary contributions!  Thank you! 

A. M. Miller,



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