Letter to the editor: Single payer, are you kidding me?

I really don’t want to offend anyone, seriously I don’t! But the fact that we still have individuals in the media and elsewhere who think that a national Single Payer Health Care System is what we need, in light of the current fiscal condition of the United States is unbelievable to me. 

The question I would like to ask everyone is very simple, “How do we pay for it?”  We are already running trillion dollar deficits at the federal level each year now if off budget spending is included, and the Federal Reserve is already purchasing the vast majority of that with monopoly money because we can’t sell our treasuries any more. So once again, the responsible question to ask is “How do we pay for it?” 

How do we pay for it in light of Puerto Rico (a US Territory) that is now bankrupt; not to mention states like Illinois, California and New York that are all facing bankruptcy as well. Seriously, there is no money! Just the corrupt Federal Reserve with its monopoly money, and that’s all! What areas of the Federal Government behemoth are we going to cut so we can afford the trillions of extra dollars necessary for “Single Payer Health Care” for 336 million Americans? Also, how are we going to get enough citizens duped so they can hold hands and sing “cumbia” and buy into this nonsense? 

We are at the end now! Can’t people see that? It’s over. The unending monetary gravy train has stopped, the coffers are empty, and the tanks are dry! Again, “how do we pay for it?”

Rather than driving further off the cliff, shouldn’t we be taking a hard look at our current monetary condition and giving ourselves a reality check, and therefore doing everything possible to implement true fixes to our health care system rather than giving ourselves over to some mythical utopia?

As stated time and time again, how about eliminating business and payroll taxes as doctors and hospitals together with health insurance providers simply pass them on to the consumers (seriously they don’t pay for it, we do)! How about allowing insurance companies to offer any kind of policies they want. Also how about allowing those same insurance companies to compete in and out of state as competition will drive down prices and drive up quality! 

But of course the true fixes are never undertaken. Instead we are force marched down the road of intellectual and fiscal oblivion. Unbelievable. Again, you want to know why healthcare is so expensive? It is because it is among the most heavily taxed and regulated industries in America; and this goes for the drug companies as well! 

It’s the government that is driving up the prices of healthcare, not the many organizations that provide it! You want to make healthcare truly affordable in the already bankrupt United States? Then get at the core of the problem, and kill government regulation and taxation of our healthcare industry and see what happens! 

No one is saying that doctors shouldn’t be medical school graduates and board certified, or that nurses and other health care practitioners shouldn’t be certified as well etc. However, bogus government regulation and taxation of the medical industry does absolutely nothing to improve the quality and availability of medical care.

Young or old, why should we want government bureaucrats determining the kind of healthcare we can or cannot have? Because that is what will happen. 

And given that the United States is already bankrupt at the federal level, a single payer system will only lead to rationed healthcare because there is already no sound way to pay for it! 

Finally, if a single payer system is what we truly need, then all of our elected representatives be they Democrats or Republicans must be made to fully live under it, no exceptions! Because even with Obamacare and whatever crummy replacement our federal representatives introduce they will still be exempt from it (just as they are now)!

Take your choices and sound reasoning back, and let liberty and freedom wash over you in refreshing waves! Article 5 people article five. 

Steven Howard

Monte Vista

[email protected]