Letter to the editor: SLV People First thanks contributors, supporters of book

We members and advisers of SLV People First want to thank Ruth Heide for her excellent article about our newly published book THE IMPORTANT THINGS. Ruth deserves recognition for her willingness to meet with us outside of regular hours, her sensitivity, her perceptiveness and her ability to turn all that into an interesting and accurate article. Thanks so much, Ruth!

We also want to recognize a few others in our chapter who were not able to be there with Ruth the day we met, and who also contributed their experiences to help make our book so interesting and fun.

In it, Holly Navratil talks about her many volunteer experiences at KRZA, the hospital and community choir. Anna Collins is another adviser of our chapter. As editor of the book, Anna carried the vision of the book in her mind as she interviewed members and designed the book itself.

David Eaton, Vicki Wray and Donna Gunnison are from the Denver area. We met them at meetings of the state advocacy group Speaking for Ourselves. David speaks in the book of some of the broader issues such as segregation of folks with disabilities. Vicki speaks of her experiences as the Colorado representative to the national advocacy group, Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered. Donna spoke to more than 50K people at the Denver Women's March in January 2018 and part of her speech is in the book.

Thanks to you, Ruth Heide, we may just have to print more books!

Members and advisors of SLV People First


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