Letter to the editor: SLVREC board race is vital

Ballots are due June 13th in the election of two new San Luis Valley Rural Electric Co-Op Board members.

This is an important election.  I believe we have the opportunity to create a sustainable energy future using the remarkable resources we have in abundance in the Valley. The time is here to work toward a self-powered SLV!

On behalf of myself and my fellow Co-Op members I would like to ask each of the board candidates to use this forum to describe in detail his commitment to investment in renewable energy in the SLV.

Fellow SLV Co-Op members: please consider each candidate’s response carefully and mail in your completed ballot in its official signed envelope by June 13th or attend the SLVREC annual meeting at the Adams State Student Union Building on Tuesday, June 13th, with registration starting at 5:30 p.m.


Suzanne DeVore



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