Letter to the Editor: Softball tourney: went off without a hitch

Just a few lines to recap and thank any and all who participated in Labor Day events Saturday in Antonito. I was given to understand that the Annual Softball Tournament went off without a hitch, with 8 teams participating. Sorry, I haven’t any rankings. The early morning started with the free pancake breakfast. Music by Dane Romero was followed by the annual parade with a total of nearly 50 entries that included the South Conejos homecoming royalty. At the sound stage, Teddy Lobato did his “psychedelic noise,” show followed by Los Cancioneros Del Valle, who performed classic Spanish, Tex-Mex, Country favorites for the audience's enjoyment. The Rainbow Spice Girls and los Vecinos Bailadores rounded out the day performances. The annual street dance featured “Bad Attitude,” and was well attended, as there were was a fireworks display and the dance held at the Dutch Mill featuring “Crushland Rock” until closing time at 1 a.m.

Many thanks got to the Antonito Town Government, Antonito Together Team The Knights of Columbus who volunteer to cook and serve the Pancake Breakfast, the Antonito Artisans who help man the sound stage and, of course, the public who come out and support all of our efforts! Thank you.

Wade George


Town of Antonito