Letter to the editor: Solutions worth considering

As TV news has pointed out in the last couple of days, no one wants to see young children being kept in dog kennels. I find it necessary to point out that since the advocates for this point are the very same programmers who would just as quickly show us images of grown adults who have died of dehydration trying to cross the deserts into our country to remind people that a wall just might work.

Remember the fact that we are human beings and shouldn’t have to sit idly by while a culture turns out thousands of helpless people who die of exposure committing their lives to crime that only exists through opportunity. A wall can help that.

Rather than address the interdiction problem at the border we are in a unique position to affect the pressing unemployment problem in Mexico. I realize these are Mexico’s problems, but is it too much to ask American companies like Ford or Carrier what they can do about this problem, or is there anything?

As President Trump doubles and redoubles down on a trade war with China perhaps all the factories built in post NAFTA Juarez might finally become operational. These are solutions worth exploring if only to reduce Walmart’s carbon footprint by … oh, thousands of international super freighter ships coming from China.

Elijah Zane Sexton


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