Letter to the editor: Spanish Cemetery volunteers thanked

The members of the Alamosa Spanish Cemetery committee would like to thank Boy Scout Shawn Vasquez and his mom and his family, his troop and their families and Scout Master Mark Bahr and his son.

Shawn, who is in the process of earning his Eagle badge, came up with the idea to make benches and clean up the cemetery.

His scout master and son helped him make the benches. After that they made the Spanish cemetery the beneficiary of this gift. Along with this, they all came out to clean up the cemetery and place benches on March 24.

Thank you to all for making the Spanish Cemetery your beneficiary of this gift and clean up.

And we would also like to thank all the people who came out to help clean up on May 20 for Memorial Day services held at the Alamosa Spanish Cemetery.

Also thanks to Upward Bound students who always help through the year and the other volunteers that have helped in the past. This year we had a great turn out, about 20 of us showed up.

Madeline and Herman Hernandez

Charlie Griego

Richard Luckemeier

Julian Garcia

Art and Patty Ortiz

William Madril

Mike and Dolly Maestas

Viola DeHerrera

Aaron Holcomb

Jeffery Knight

Leonard and Libby Abiton

Boogie and Dorothy Romero

Boogie Jr.

A special thanks to Mike Achatz and his staff, Coca Cola, Mark Gonzales and his staff, Ernie Mondragon and his staff, City of Alamosa, County of Alamosa.

If we missed someone you are not forgotten. You are all appreciated very much. Thank you all. May God bless you.

Board of directors

Alamosa Spanish Cemetery