Letter to the Editor: Spirit of the Wind Foundation is a fraud

Judy Barnes has been dumping any horses she can get in Costilla County. She has been dumping horses on San Pedro Mesa AKA Wild Horse Mesa along 17 miles of Colorado State Hwy 159. Her dumping of these horses has caused the death and destruction of the native truly wild Spanish Blooded Mustangs that have lived peacefully for over 150 years.

Judy Barnes dumps horses with the intent that these horses trespass and forage on other peoples’ privately-owned residential property. This is called willful trespass under Colorado State Law. However, these laws do not apply in Costilla County. The dumping of any animals is against the law in Colorado. These horses are fed and watered by Judy Barnes and her friends. They walk among these horses giving them physical human contact, talking to them, petting them, and feeding them treats by hand. These horses are dangerous as they have no fear of man. By legal definition, these horses are “habituated to the habitations of men,” the legal definition of domesticated animals as pertaining to horses. 

On two separate occasions, Judge Wood not only refused to uphold and enforce Colorado State Law in these matters Judge Wood does not even respect and enforce residency laws.

Judy Barnes has claimed Colorado residency for over 10 years. Judge Woods’s response to residency laws when questioned in the matter was “do you know how much cheaper it is registering your vehicle in New Mexico?” I believe that by allowing the illegal dumping, the willful trespass, and the illegal feeding of wild animals, Judge Wood is attempting to make law not enforce the existing laws. I believe Judge Wood is extremely biased in favor of Judy Barnes and her rulings prove this to be true.

Judy Barnes dumps horses along State Highway 159 from the New Mexico State Line to the Town of San Luis. These horses are on the shoulder of the highway and on the highway proper. These horses are causing numerous accidents killing and or injuring vehicle occupants and horses. The horses are not always killed outright and lay in extreme pain and suffering until they can be euthanized. Is this saving wild horses or extreme cruelty?

The only thing remotely wild about Judy Barnes’ horses are that they are not behind a fence as are the rest of the domesticated horses in Costilla County. These horses gather on the roads all over San Pedro Mesa and have caused damage to vehicles and houses. Why is this allowed in Costilla County while it is against the law in the entire State of Colorado?

If you doubt the veracity of this letter please investigate by contacting the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), the USDA (United States Department Agriculture) brand inspector, or the Costilla County Sheriff-Land Use Administrator offices. In accordance with Colorado State Law, which classifies these horses as feral, these horses will be collected and held and watered in a humane manner. The brand inspector will be notified within the legal time frame.

The brand inspector will hold these horses and go through the legal notification process. After this time if no one claims these horses and pays all costs and expenses related to the collection, containment and transportation of these horses than they will be sold at auction.

Edward P. Iremonger