Letter to the editor: Splashland is a Valley jewel

It’s great to be back at Splashland for morning lap swims. We’ve had beautiful mornings with the water a perfect temperature. Those swims prompt me to write this letter.

I have heard folks call that pool “a big old dinosaur” giving reference to its being outdated; but I have also heard it called “one of the Valley’s jewels.” Have you ever flown over the Valley and seen Splashland from the air? Both descriptions are correct.

During Splashland’s troubled years — the years between being managed by Judy Crisco or Linda Sparrow — and the year that Leroy Polkowske purchased and rescued it, I was sometimes part of the board that was trying to keep the pool together. With nothing but our love of the pool to give to it, we surely felt that it was dinosaur. 

Since Mr. Polkowske’s ownership, he has brought construction knowledge and construction workers and financing to the dear old pool and I am so very thankful. I plan to have many more wonderful swims there this summer. (It is just $5 for a senior lap swim.)

The prices to swim are reasonable and I am sure that the expenses of restoring and maintaining that pool are great. It is not likely that Mr. Polkowske has cleared a penny since he has taken it over. I thank him for getting that pool up and making it available to me. And of course, it is available to everyone, so check it out.

Linda Cozart


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