Letter to the Editor: STEM shooting in Highlands Ranch

From the first news on the STEM shooting in Highlands Ranch, various live talk shows on TV were in high-gear wit t heir “knee-jerk” rant instead of employing critical thinking.

The two mentally unstable people gained entry via the middle school which did not have any metal detectors. Being students at the school, they knew of this weakness. There were not any people on duty to check each entry.

The live TV talk show hosts were too busy spreading their tirade about “follow the money,” business influence on elected officials, and we have the power to vote them out.

Critical thinking would have been preparing an investigative approach toward the school district and administrative decisions. They were the ones responsible for not providing a safe and secure environment for students and staff.

Parents must hold them responsible as their decisions resulted in many injuries and one life lost.

The media is guilty of dereliction of duty as they pursued this tragedy. Coverage of injured and life lost is the most important as first responders were busy with evacuating students to safe locations and containing the shooters. Between news updates, some reporters should have questioned what I mentioned earlier. Everyone is heartbroken over this tragedy. If I had a child attending any school, I would certainly question their dedication to protect my childs life. I hope other parents would also.

Hugh L. Fuchs

Del Norte