Letter to the editor: Still unanswered questions

On Tuesday, April 18, Representative Scott Tipton held his Alamosa Town Hall Meeting. His constituents were glad that he came out to meet with them. There were however, a lot of questions unasked and questions asked not completely answered.

I will address only one of the many issues from the meeting. Rep. Tipton stated that he was not aware of any evidence of any water contamination caused by fracking. A very simple Google search came up with many articles showing just that, including a December 13, 2016 EPA study that concluded “that fracturing has caused some contamination to drinking water resources across the country.” Rep. Tipton is either uniformed on this subject or has turned a blind eye so to support the oil and gas industries. I have sent hard copies of this information and more directly to Rep. Tipton to study.

Rep. Tipton made a positive offer to answer any written questions left with him at the end of the meeting. I, and all others, look forward to answers on our written questions. There are so many topics of concern that need Rep. Tipton’s attention and action.


Meryl Ennis                                                                                                             

Town Hall National Anthem singer


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