Letter to the editor: Support McKinley for treasurer

I am writing this letter in support of Amy McKinley, a candidate for the Alamosa County Treasurer and it is with great pride that I do so. The county caucus and county assembly processes are very important; I would encourage all registered Republicans to consider attending. Also, the actual primary on June 26th is extremely important and hope that all voters will participate in this as well.

I was employed by Alamosa County for 21 years, having retired in November 2009; Amy assumed my position as accountant of Alamosa County Human Services, along with many other duties of the accounting department of Alamosa County.

Amy transferred to the accounting department in 1994 to be my right arm person up until the time I retired. Together, we were a team that worked through many changes of systems, procedures, policies, personnel and all with positive outcomes with hard work that came with some of them. Amy was an outstanding employee for all those years; she was always willing to learn anything, found solutions to do things better, and was also my go-to computer person!

Another reason Amy is a qualified candidate for Alamosa County Treasurer is her accounting background. She has 21 years of working in a department that dealt with finance, budgets, cash flows, bank accounts, and did so expertly. She also is trained in payroll, accounts payable and personnel benefits.

Words that describe Amy would be trustworthy, responsible, efficient, tenacious, smart, methodical, and has integrity – hand her any job and it will get done. Amy has great communication skills which have been shown through her interactions with all departments of Alamosa County. With her duties at Alamosa County, the treasurer’s office was where she had the most interaction. She had to work closely with Lois Widhalm, the current treasurer, and therefore already knows of some of the facets of the office. She understands the complexity of the office. Amy also knows and has worked with the treasurer’s office staff, which would make for a smooth transition if Amy is elected as the next Alamosa County Treasurer.

Although John and I now live in Florida, I am and will continue to be Amy’s #1 supporter! She is definitely qualified for the position of treasurer and the citizens of Alamosa County will be in good hands with her election as treasurer!! Get out and VOTE for Amy McKinley!


Jowanda Villyard


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