Letter to the editor: Thank you voters for keeping Alamosa a clean city

First I want to sincerely thank the voters in Ward 2 that voted for me. It was your vote that made a difference. I am on board to make Alamosa a better place to live and to have a business. I am working to represent the best interests of the people who live in and the people who have businesses in Alamosa. My commitment is to “Let’s Make Alamosa Great!” 

The road to making Alamosa great is keeping Alamosa free from retail and medical sales of marijuana. Thanks again voters! You understand the problems with marijuana. In my opinion, our sister cities like Pueblo, Trinidad, and Durango are a mess because of the sale of marijuana. Many social troubles and problems follow the sale of marijuana. I recognize there are some medical benefits. But these benefits need to be prescribed and administered by medical and pharmaceutical professionals. There is a reason marijuana is the most abused drug in the United States. It is because it is administered by non-medical sellers. These sellers primary goal is to “increase sales and revenues,” not to care for the medical needs of individuals.   

Colorado now knows that Alamosa is a “clean” city. This reputation will go a long ways to promoting the benefits of Alamosa. Parents know that their children are safer sending them to college in Alamosa. Businessmen know that Alamosa is a “safe harbor” for their business to thrive. Residents know that they will not have to pay for the many social costs that marijuana brings into a city. Residential quality of living is better and will continue to get better as time goes forward. Alamosa is becoming a better place to live!

You will see unemployment go down as more people secure jobs. Businesses will have more success. City taxes will increase as businesses revenues increase. New businesses will open or expand to Alamosa because our reputation will improve.

Now we need to fight crime and drug abuse. I have some ideas how to this that I will share with Alamosa later on. For now, great job Alamosa!  Alamosa is now a better place to live and work because of your votes.

Thank you

David Broyles 


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