Letter to the editor: Thanks for book co-op support

A heart-felt THANK YOU to our family and friends who came out to support the Narrow Gauge Book Co-Op! To all the volunteers who brought food, it was fabulous. Thank you.

For the band, Company of Friends, you were so enjoyable – great songs.  You got folks up and dancing! Thank you.

And to the many, many community members who came and donated, became members, and/or became owners!  Thank you. Besides all the fun we had, we actually raised over $19,000. With our online fund raising through Indiegogo, this puts us close to the half way mark. So let’s keep up the momentum.  It is clear this community wants to keep its bookstore.

For those who missed the fun, we have three open houses: May 9th, 15th, and 24th. Great music, great food, and really good company at each event. We need to meet our goal by May 27th so don’t hesitate! The open houses are from 5:15 to 7 p.m. So drop by after work and see what all the excitement is about.   It takes a village to re-open a bookstore!

Thank you San Luis Valley for all your support!

Marlena Antonucci

Karen Ballentine

Brandon Cox

Patricia Eagle

Matt Hildner

Kay Lewis

Cathy Morin

Jan Owens

Scott Tate

Don Thomson

Deb Westermeyer


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