Letter to the editor: Thanks for the Law Enforcement Appreciation Banquet

We wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to the donors of The Law Enforcement Appreciation Banquet.  Dylan and Katrina Brown went above and beyond in organizing this amazing event. Our faces hurt from laughing with the comedian, the food was excellent, the raffle was insanely generous and to have the leaders of this community, Sandra Hostetter, Ty Coleman, Darius Allen, Winema Van Iwaarden, Angelica Heredia, Rich Jaramillo, Katrina Brown, Eli Heredia, Allee Jaramillo, Michelle Cruz, Chuck Kelley, Cami Heywood, Nate Heywood, Jason Gonzales, Shereen Gonzales, Christina DeLuna, Jeannie Miller, Randy Brown, and Catherine Busser take the night to serve the meal was humbling and we are grateful. Thank you for showing your appreciation for law enforcement, we appreciate you and your generosity and are proud to be a part of this community.

The donors for this event were:

Dylan Brown Agency

Essential Radiance Skin Care

Crystal Anderson

Christina Deluna

Blaire Webber

Michelle Cruz

Brianne Madril

Cleaning Solutions

Eli Heredia

SLV Health

Randy and Laura Brown

Rio Grande Savings & Loan

Alamosa Family Dental

Sweet Life Bakery

Crème de la Crème

Eclipse-Property Management

Ray Miller Law

Alpine Vet

Dell’s Insurance

Wall, Smith, Bateman INC

Avalanche Plumbing & Heating

Big John’s Furniture

SLV Sports and Wellness

Colorado Farm Brewery

Dr. Christopher Offutt

Porter Realty

Alamosa State Bank

MATCO – Kenny Getz

State Farm – Torben Walters

Valley Courier

KZBR 97.1

SLV Federal Bank

State Farm – Jay Meyer

J & J Rental

The Shop

The Ink Pusher

Rubi Slipper

Square Peg

Valley Textile

CIA – Leavitt Insurance

Valley Wide Health

Colorado Sports

With gratitude,

Jared and Kendall Rapp


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