Letter to the editor: Time to heed marijuana objections

“Saguache County residents share marijuana concerns about the effects of marijuana upon illegal actions happening by those in Saguache County who just don’t care about our future.”

“A moratorium is needed in Saguache County — it is essential to the county’s economic survival.”

“Objections” made in the past were not heeded and the result was predictable.

While many see marijuana as the “ultimate cash crop” and believe it is the solution to the county’s woes and others see a darker picture of what the county may become.

At the end of the 1900’s, marijuana was illegal. And, my family was deeply affected by my placing my trust in an insurance agent and his Alamosa based insurance firm. The agent’s son was involved with drugs and the agent took my hail insurance premium money and spent the funds on attempting a cure for his son’s drug problem and not the hail insurance. I, as a farmer, did take risks in attempting to build something for my wife, my son and my daughter and son-in-law and their children. At age 65 with some health problems I had planned on Social Security, a LLC and my son Jim and son-in-law Roger could take over. So when we received a damaging hailstorm with no hail insurance coverage, on all seven quarters, and I then learned that the insurance agent had pocketed my premium money and my indebtedness required me to sell land and equipment. I have been told by my neighbors and other farmers and businessmen that they had also had their premium payments stolen by the same insurance agent in Alamosa. Alamosa businessmen later told me about the illegal action of the insurance agent.

So “marijuana” under Amendment 64 as was voted in by parents of teenagers and we are now paying for it not only in Saguache County but in the entire state according to a Denver Post article.

Tuesday’s Courier printed a “letter to the editor” which stated the reality of Saguache County’s “boon” and Saguache County’s real law enforcement lack of funding. Amendment 64 and is a criminal???

Users of marijuana, and those that profit from the sale of marijuana, did do damage and are damaging us and others by the predictable results to many, not only our family — it is time to heed the “objections.”

Bob Felmlee


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