Letter to the editor: Truth, no consequences

It’s with a sad state of truthful endeavors that I need to write this article. I believe that if you are not true to yourself or to your family, how can one ever have truth and peace in the country you live in as well as in the entire world? I speak of one incident where our church sign was knocked down as an out-of-control vehicle ran up the curb and broke the wood posts, thus damaging the underpart of the vehicle. After the authorities arrived and discovered where the vehicle in question was located (in a lot very close to the church), the owner of the vehicle and a parent arrived too. And so did the campus authorities as well as a coach.

Here is where the morals go strictly “downhill.” As the driver of the vehicle was accused, the parent was very adamant that there was no wrongdoing. You could see the vehicle leaking on the bottom, the tracks matched, and the driver was never able to look the accuser in the face, only looked down while the parent said that if this person was accused, the church would get sued so bad and when the coach agreed with the parent, the authorities had to drop everything.

You tell me how we can ever expect our children to learn ANY values if the adults in their lives don’t even care! That is so giving them the wrong message and saying that it’s OK, when the occasion necessitates, to lie or cheat so they don’t have to pay any consequences, especially when it may come to sports.

Lucy King



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