Letter to the editor: Unexpected response to a call for help

When I, Gloria Gonzalez, needed to have my sprinkler system worked on, the only person I thought to call was the mayor, Josef Lucero.

Well, it really surprised me when he came knocking at my door. When I saw the mayor, I told him I had trouble with my sprinklers and if he could lend a helping hand. He was kind enough to fix the problem and was working on it when my brother Eddie came by. Eddie greeted the mayor and asked what he was doing. He said “your sister called me and asked me to help her fix her sprinklers, so here I am.”

After he finished with the repair I asked the mayor how much do I owe you. His response was — no charge, you called me to come help you and it was a problem I could handle and it was my pleasure to help out.

After the mayor left, my brother and I discussed how there are still people in the community who consider others as “neighbors” and are willing to lend a helping hand out of their profound generosity and their value of service to others without expecting any recompense. The mayor obviously is one of these people who are community minded and will take time from their busy schedule to help their fellow citizens, in the case of the mayor to help one of his constituents.

We encourage everyone to support Josef Lucero in his bid for re-election as mayor of the city of Alamosa.

Gloria Gonzalez

Eddie Lopez


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