Letter to the editor: Valley urgently needs foster homes

Hi. My name is Jayceen Booth, and I am a sophomore at Centauri High School. I am doing my project for FCCLA, which stands for Family Community and Career Leaders of America. I chose to do my project on foster care because it involves families and the community. It came to my realization after meeting with the Conejos County Department of Social Services about how many children are in foster care and the little amount of homes we have in the Valley. There are currently 12 foster homes and 108 foster homes.

I wanted to make people aware that these children leave the Valley if they don’t find a home. They have to go to places like Pueblo and Denver. Sometimes if we are really low in the number of foster homes these children will sometimes get sent to Utah. It is always in the best interest of the child and the goal is to have them stay with the family.

I am asking the community what we can do to solve this crisis. Even though it is difficult to go through all the paperwork and the requirements to become a foster parent. These are children of our community and our future.

In my opinion we need to come together as a community and open our hearts and homes. We need to be a voice and speak to local and federal legislature. We need to have more foster homes in the Valley so these kids don’t get sent farther. We also need to improve the safety and well being of our children.

Help make a difference. If you want to be a foster parent just call the social services. They will tell you everything you need.

Jayceen Booth


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