Letter to the Editor: Vote for Edward Vigil for county commissioner

My life is compromised; probably like yours. My time with the kids, getting to work on time, and a hefty car payment devours my time and energy. Even planning for dinner is a chore! There must be others who feel like I do when they discover their ballot hidden under a stack of papers. And, I sure need help with parts of my ballot -- especially the other side! When I first discovered my ballot, I thought I could just scribble black in the little ovals and I’d be done! But the truth is, I don’t feel good about doing that but still, it’s hard to cast a vote when I know so little about the candidates. The ballot is overwhelming!

Well, let me make one decision easier for you as it has been for me.

I know Ed Vigil.  I know Ed has been an eight-year veteran as a HD-62 State Representative. Ed has sponsored House Bill 12-1080 a bill that’s for the people…college students; not corporations. Ed Vigil obtained $8 million state dollars for the new Alamosa State Patrol Office. He obtained $12 million to build Alamosa’s National Guard Armory and Ed obtained $10 million for the Monte Vista Homelake Veterans Center renovation.  Ed was nominated three times by his colleagues as Representative of the year throughout his eight years of service.

Ed has held leadership positions throughout his 18-year political career. The positions range from chair of the Agriculture, Livestock Natural Resources Association, chair and vice-chair of the Colorado Water Review Committee. And, Ed Vigil has been a long-time member of the Business Affairs and Labor Association, the Finance and Local Government Board, and the Veterans and Military Affairs Association. As county commissioner for Costilla County, Ed was instrumental in obtaining state money for the design and construction of the Veterans Center of Fort Garland, CO.

Vote for Ed Vigil for Alamosa County Commissioner!

Mr. Edward Vigil represents you! He has the experience and knowledge to handle this position fairly and honestly. Don’t ever question Ed’s energy and integrity—he is committed to serve. I want to assure you that Ed’s eighteen years of government management experience makes him the best candidate to hold this position.

Because there was still enough time, I looked for honest information about other candidates that hadn’t been slanted by party television advertisements. The Blue Book sent by the county has been so helpful with all those issues on the back of the ballot. It’s such a good feeling to complete my ballot and drop it off at the county clerk’s office. Oh, before I forget, be sure to take your ballot to the Drop Off Box because it’s too late to put it in the mail.

VGail Vonderweidt



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