Letter to the Editor: Vote for Hostetter

The residents of Alamosa County have been fortunate the past several years to have excellent elected county officials. They have collectively made our county a better place to live with their high quality administration. One of this group, Sandra Hostetter the county assessor for the last 16 years, brings a vast wealth of experience, knowledge and dedication to this job. Prior to that she worked her way up in the office from an entry level position to deputy assessor and finally elected. Along the way she learned the entire system. Ms. Hostetter has continued to stay current with the many aspects of this ever changing, complex work by not only being intimately involved locally, but also heavily involved at the state level to ensure she is aware of issues that effect the valuations of property in our county. By doing so, she has made sure our property assessments are fair, correct and appropriate according to statewide rules. She graciously considers any protest of valuations by her office and handles them professionally and honestly with property owners. The community of Alamosa County deserves a qualified, experienced assessor and we cannot go wrong in re-electing Ms. Hostetter. Please vote wisely for her and allow her to continue to lead the Alamosa County assessors office for four more years to value our property correctly. Steve Vandiver Property owner


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