Letter to the Editor: Vote for Michael Yohn

I am writing this letter to support Michael Yohn for Alamosa County Commissioner. Michael is dedicated to Alamosa County. He was born and raised in Alamosa. He served in the United States Army and attended Southern Colorado State College, then returned home to Alamosa. Michael has managed and owned a business in Alamosa County. As Alamosa County Commissioner he serves on multiple boards and committees.

He is committed to Alamosa County citizens. He returns every call and follows up with their concerns. He believes in Alamosa County.

I personally know he has an excellent work ethic. I have been married to Michael Yohn for over 47 years. I know Michael is the best candidate for Alamosa County Commissioner.

I believe voting is not only a privilege but a duty as a citizen. VOTE! Your vote counts!

Vote for Michael Yohn Alamosa County Commissioner.

Thank you

Janet Yohn



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