Letter to the editor: Vote to repeal outdated charter provision

The November City of Alamosa ballot will include an initiative asking you, the City of Alamosa voters, to approve repealing the Charter Provision on Contracting Public Improvements. While that sounds complicated, it is actually fairly simple. An outdated charter that governs city staff requires all contractors who bid on projects over $5,000 must be bonded. At the time this charter was adopted, $5,000 was no doubt a large sum involving city projects. Now, any project bid is over $5,000. Unfortunately, very few of our local contractors are indeed bonded as only the larger contractors go through the hassle and expense.

If this charter is repealed, city council will still be able to match bonding requirements to different projects as it deems necessary to protect the city and the public. And local contractors will have the chance to bid on more city jobs letting the city have the chance to “spend local” like we ask all of you to do. It would also provide more competition on these bids, saving you, the taxpayer money.

The Alamosa County Economic Development Corporation and the Alamosa County Chamber of Commerce are in support of repealing this charter, and we ask you to vote yes on the Charter Provision on Contracting Public Improvements.

Randy Wright
Executive Director. Alamosa County Economic Development Corp
Director Alamosa County Chamber of Commerce


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