Letter to the editor: Vote ‘yes’ to expand advisory board pool

As the executive director of Alamosa County Economic Development Corporation and the director of the Alamosa County Chamber of Commerce, I have to opportunity to work with most, if not all of the City of Alamosa advisory boards at one time or another. And I have to say that each does a great job of handling its duties. However, all too often they have empty seats on their boards which make it more difficult on those who are serving. We are all so busy in today’s world that there just aren’t enough good quality people with available time, to fill those positions.

The election ballot this year will have an initiative which will allow city voters the chance to change that. A “yes” vote on the “Non-Residents on Advisory Boards” question would allow non-city residents to serve on an advisory board if that person works full-time, owns property, or owns a business within city limits. It will allow an expanded group of dedicated, motivated and vested individuals the chance to help make this community a better place. I should mention that while this will allow people who do not live within the city limits to serve on advisory boards; it does not change the requirement to vote in city elections.

Help expand the pool of volunteers on city advisory boards. Vote yes on the “Non-Residents on Advisory Boards” question in November.

Randy Wright

Executive director, Alamosa County

Economic Development Corp

Director, Alamosa County Chamber

of Commerce


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