Letter to the editor: Ward 2 councilor shares accomplishments, goals

Dear Alamosa residents,

I want to share my thoughts and experiences that tell me Alamosa is, in fact, a wonderful place to live. I know not everyone is able to attend the various city meetings or keep track of the many initiatives, organizations, challenges and opportunities that city council and the city staff are involved with, so I wanted to address a few items of interest to the community and share some more information about myself as a candidate for re-election.

We, as a society, tend to focus on scarcity of resources and forget to celebrate the resiliency and the strength we have. I was reminded of this at our last council meeting when the Early Iron team spoke about their 37th Annual event – that’s dedication and stamina! The programs, services, and amenities we offer in Alamosa are varied and have a positive impact.

My leadership style dictates to me that I don’t go around talking about myself, but rather that I show people who I am by what I DO, not what I SAY. So, I hope you take into consideration what I do on city council when you vote – I ask hard questions, I do the research, I am actively involved with committees and share information with my constituents. I answer my phone, respond to email and meet in person with anyone who requests it and reach out to community members when I know their voices need to be heard.
As Alamosa’s representative for Ward 2, I also realize that there is much work that must continue. Here are just a few highlights of my experience, and my involvement in initiatives and committees that are actively working to improve Alamosa.

Broadband — I am a strong advocate for improving the access and availability to reliable and affordable broadband services; this has a direct impact on economic development. I am working as a member of the broadband committee with local service providers and other stakeholders to find creative solutions and increase expansion in this area.

Partnerships and Committee Involvement — I have been a part of many groups and projects throughout the last 15 years. I volunteer at community events, provide trainings on leadership and self-care, I have over 12 years of leadership experience, I have a breadth of knowledge in the behavioral health and substance abuse arena and I am committed to the people of the San Luis Valley and Alamosa and strive to bring solutions to the table.

Strong Relationships and Work with City Staff — The recent issues regarding the accusations from the ACLU and the former finance director lawsuit highlight the types of challenges facing city council today. We have been thoughtful about the action we take, gathered as much information as possible before jumping to action steps, and have enabled staff to do their jobs.

I believe that leadership is about being present and committed to solutions and inclusivity, bringing diverse opinions to the table, and ensuring we make the best decisions possible for the Alamosa community. City council’s job is not to micromanage, but to provide guidance to the team as these issues are faced and help the city take accountability. It is too simplistic to offer harsh criticisms and vague statements to try to induce fear and reactionary thinking. We must instead work together collaboratively, have the hard conversations, be respectful, and do the work required to continue to improve our wonderful city and community.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue to represent Ward 2. I believe my track record speaks to the work I have and will continue to do for our community and I hope to earn your vote. If you would like to interact with me, I welcome your call for comments or questions – 719.588.4723

Kristina Daniel
City Councilor Ward 2


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