Letter to the editor: What they will not do, and why they will not do it

The Republican Party never ceases to amaze me. Not because they are too conservative but because they have in general abandoned true conservatism or common sense.  

I would like to ask where the Republicans’ promise of repealing Obama care has gone. In addition, where will their promise for true tax cuts and spending cuts likely go? Oh, I know they are debating this issue as I pen this letter but my guess is that when all “is said and done,” we will have miniscule tax cuts in one area, compensated for by raising taxes and or nullifying tax exemptions in other areas, all the while, with government spending ultimately increasing.  

I am astonished, because what is really eating away at our country is rarely if ever discussed by our representative (such as our debt and the obvious fact that we can no longer sell it in any great quantity.)  However, history is full of nations and peoples who looked the other way, and to be truthful it is in our inborn nature to deal with problems in this way so I gather it is not so surprising.  

Then again, why do our elected officials not wake up and engage in real change and delivery of their pre-election promises? Answer: Because they are by their inborn natures not people of true intellectual gifting and courage. They simply do not have the capacity to see the greater picture and to act accordingly. They are burocratists and opportunist at their deepest levels, and as such, they do not want to lose control even as the “Ship of State” that both they and we are on sinks!  

Let’s face it, they hope against hope, that once again the American people will be “stuck on stupid,” (or so they think), and continue to bury themselves in the tits of the Federal Pig. Even though that pig is full of cancer.   

What does the cancer look like you ask! Illinois bankrupt! Pennsylvania bankrupt! Puerto Rico bankrupt!  Ohio close to bankrupt! New Jersey close to bankrupt! New York and California close to bankrupt! Texas deep in debt! The federal government bankrupt and $20 trillion in debt! With the most high and magnificent Federal Reserve “Monopoly money printing” every year now to keep the pig living while the cancer devours it! Is it not obvious what the Republicans really need to do at the federal level?

Hello, anyone awake out there……?!  

China and Russia are awake! They along with our other enemies are positioning themselves now to take full advantage of the United States when the federal animal collapses. Let us savor the freedoms we have because I do not believe we will have them forever. A new world order is coming and we are not going to like it; and our guns, will likely not protect us. Churches need to prepare, and perhaps not in the ways they think, being ever open to what God would have them do regardless if it makes sense or not.  Again, pride and self-righteousness will die hard.

Ah, never mind, I suppose we can go to another political fundraiser, eat some lukewarm pot roast (or whatever dish they provide), and ask questions that go nowhere etc. On second thought, prepare for what is coming good citizens, and “wake up” churches! Article 5 people article five.  [email protected]

Steven Howard
Monte Vista


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