Letter to the editor: When will you act, Rep. Tipton?

Congressman Tipton, as your constituent, I’m deeply concerned by the epidemic of gun violence. I’m frustrated that Congress hasn’t acted to protect our communities.

Every month it seems we see another preventable gun massacre. 97 percent of Americans support strong background checks to purchase a gun. Most of us favor banning private ownership of assault weapons and bump stocks, limiting the number of rounds in a clip, closing gun show loopholes, and other common sense gun laws.

The Republican Congress and current administration are moving in the opposite direction. They’re for banning data collection by government agencies to cover up the incredible carnage we’re suffering. They’ve weakened background checks, even pushed to legalize “silencers” to enable undetected murder.

How many more massacres must we endure before YOU act to protect us?

I want you to get serious about protecting us from guns by enacting strong gun safety laws, by restoring the ability of government agencies to study gun violence, and by closing gun show loopholes.

The list of massacres keeps growing. The Parkland shooting was just the latest in an epidemic of gun violence at schools and other public places. OpenSecrets.org reports

in 2017, 2,239 people were shot in mass shootings, leaving 437 people dead. With each new mass shooting—from Columbine to Sandy Hook; Fort Hood to Virginia Tech; from Las Vegas to Orlando to Parkland —the national debate over gun ownership renews.

Act NOW Congressman Tipton. How many more mass shootings do you want on your conscience, do you want to live with, because you failed to act?

Barbara Tidd



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