Letter to the editor: Where is the 'fake' news really coming from?

“Sorry, Owen’s wife, you’re not helping yourself or your husband’s memory by standing there and clapping like an idiot. Trump is using you.”

This was the actual Tweet of former Hillary and Obama stalwart Dan Grilo during President Trump’s tribute to a fallen hero. It is also the ‘fake’ news decried by Sylvia Lobato.

Now I’m also of a ‘Gold Star Family’ from my brother Scott’s last full measure of devotion in his F-4 and was sincerely moved by President Trump’s sincere speech. I can also say that President Trump’s effort and applause for other than himself (for a change?) beats the heaven out of Inevitable Hillary’s ‘tribute’ of lying to Gold Star families (and the American public) and then calling THEM liars!

I would also contend against Sylvia’s questionable exhortations against calumny against anybody BUT President Trump ‘just because’ — he’s President and Inevitable Hillary ISN’T! (Thank that God she despises!) This while Inevitable Hillary’s shills are still endlessly protesting nothing in particular or specific while also doing anything, no matter how disgusting or desperate, to prevent PRESIDENT TRUMP from actually getting anything done.

For it’s NOT ‘Trump supporters’ who are assaulting and pepper spraying those in red MAGA hats or rioting against the 1st amendment if exercised by those of NON-‘liberal’ leanings. Yet each of these depredations are then ignored or encouraged by a predatory press with the sitting POTUS as their prey and with Inevitable Hillary emerging from under her rock to “support” these literally anti-American activities. (This ‘fake news’ coming from her own large mouth against the sitting POTUS in only his first month in office!)

Yet both Sylvia and Negative Nelda before have exhorted the end of ‘friendships’ for any not equally equipped with intolerance or hypocrisy of their flavors.

Which not only isn’t very nice but also merits little respect whatsoever!


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