Letter to the editor: Who has control here?

I just moved here to the Valley from the big city. I like it here but what I found out that’s different is murders, drug dealers, drug users and sharp thieves get away with murder. In the big cities they make sure they punish criminals like that, big time. We should all do something about it, cause who’s paying who off that they DO NOT lose their liberty? Seems like probation officers, DA’s, judges aren’t doing their jobs. If we don’t try to fix the problem whose door will they be knocking at next, yours or mine? They’re in jails doing NADA! Jails here I heard are like country clubs. They don’t do a thing but get fatter, lazier and sleep all day. They’re in Sleepy Town Haven.

And all of us that pay taxes pay for that!

Something’s wrong here! That’s why they go back, free food, free room and board, free everything — NO labor at all! Think about that, true right! Us working people will pay $150-200 an hour for a lawyer, not like these role models repeats get it for FREE at our taxpayer’s expense — What a system!

Not right, tell you that much!

Sandee Martinez

Del Norte