Letter to the Editor: Youth hockey program should be affordable

I’m so happy and proud of the quality, maintenance and design of the new south Alamosa ice rink that I can’t hold myself in.

On the bad side, stumbling through my wife’s computer I was able to “Google search” rates for youth hockey at the rink, which I’d heard were exorbitant.

The site came back with: “The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is unavailable.”

I’m a lifetime Coloradan and ice and snow fanatic and it bothers me to wonder if participation rate might end up wimpy if rates are through the roof.

Some may be able to easily foot the bill, but how many tough and creative Alamosa + Valley young ones are kept away when you also need pricey equipment. What the heck is the cost for? (There shouldn’t be any.) We can’t pay for our “too fancy” but great rink on the backs of these Jovenes.

Thanks for your attention.

Denny Rice