Lift your glasses

During the city’s May 3rd council meeting, Alamosa Mayor Josef Lucero proclaimed May 7-13 Drinking Water Week in recognition of the city staff who ensure safe drinking water for residents as well as a sufficient water supply for fire protection and a multitude of other uses.

Alamosa Public Works Director Pat Steenburg said clean drinking water is vital to public health, as the reduction of many diseases from 100 years ago can be contributed to good quality drinking water. The councilors thanked city employees and acknowledged that many of the water department staff had served the city for many years.

Councilor Charles Griego, center right, presents the National Drinking Water Week proclamation to Roy Sanchez. Flanking them from left are Mayor Lucero, Steenburg, Daniel Montano, Councilor Kristina Daniel, Sanchez, Paul Henry, Troy Fritz, Councilor Michael Stefano, Griego, Farron Hall, Councilor Liz Thomas Hensley, Randy Martinez and Councilors Jan Vigil and Ty Coleman.