Local artist Mara Kali to be featured at Shumei Gallery

CRESTONE — Local artist Mara Kali’s works will be on display at the Shumei Gallery in Crestone for the month of September. A symposium with Mara will be held on Sunday, September 17th starting at 3 p.m. A reception will follow.

Mara grew up overseas as the child of a US diplomat.  In her words, “I have been exposed to so much, as any of us have who have put in the years and who live in the world, that I sometimes wonder how I can process anything new. But as I age I am more selective in what gets my attention. Since moving to Crestone, I now have the space and light and natural beauty and time to look and absorb and respond. Once again I am in my studio and back to my favorite fiber art - quilting.”

After years of living in an urban environment full of cars and noise and walls, Mara now enjoys looking outward to land and sky. And after years of working with geospatial mapping software making maps and analyzing satellite imagery, she now finds herself flipping between looking directly at the horizon and looking down at the earth around her. She says, “These pieces reflect both of those perspectives - responding to earth and sky and abstracting topography and manmade features.”

Come meet Mara and learn more about her work on Sunday, Sept. 17th from 3-5 p.m. This event is free to the public. Please visit www.shumeicrestone.org or call 256-5284 for more information. The Shumei gallery is open every day 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Caption: Mara Kali’s Art Symposium is Sept. 17th at 3 p.m. at Shumei in Crestone. Courtesy photo