Local Business Launches Line of Oils & Balsamics

ALAMOSA — Wendi’s Good Things Market, located at Locavores in Alamosa, announced they have formerly launched their own line of olive oils and balsamics.  This new endeavor is a continuation of their mission to develop an array of gourmet foods and home goods products that helps bring the ‘good life’ to life.

Wendi Seger, owner of both businesses states that, “2020 pushed us to really get in touch with our mission and why we’re really here.  We are passionate about bringing wellness and joy to our community”.

Seger shared that the process of developing these products was quite involved.  “We were so excited to work with a company that helped us create our own custom blends imported from Italy.  We believe the Valley should have access to the same amazing quality foods as other areas, and we are grateful to be a part of making that happen.  Our products literally come from olive groves and vineyards in Italy.  It’s so fun!”

Balsalmic varieties include a Champage (Seger’s favorite) blend as well as a Reserve, and chocolate and raspberry blends. Olive oil varieties include a Habanero, Jalapeno, Mushroom & Garlic, and Italian infused flavors.  Seger states that the pepper infused varieties are a definite nod to our area.  “We get a lot of tourists through the Valley and it’s important for us that they have both a sense of our regional flavors as well as a reason to stay connected”.

All these flavors and more are available or at 2209 Main Street, Alamosa or at www.wendismarket.com