Local guild ‘quilts it forward’

Paraphrasing the “pay it forward” idea, members of the SLV Quilt Guild “quilt it forward” as they create beautiful and comforting quilts for local organizations that assist various types of victims. The guild members presented their handiwork at the Alamosa County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday. From left are Sandi Beheiry, MSN, RN, SANE-1, SANE Coordinator; Dr. Denise Trujillo, VWHS Director of Nursing; Carmen Stevens, Immigrant Advocate, SLVIRC; Flora Archuleta, E.D. Immigrant Resources; Bev Hettinger and Janice Watkins, SLV Quilt Guild; Janice Holman, Alamosa Victim Advocate; Sue Foster and Jo Bowers, SVL Quilt Guild; (behind) Kraig Fairhurst, SLV Victim Advocate; April Dominguez and Eunice Dominguez, Conejos County Victim Advocates; (behind) Ellen E. Cox and Sky Wright, Saguache County Victim Advocates; and Alamosa County Sheriff Robert Jackson.