Local Schools Forge Partnership

The friendly staff at Alamosa GOAL High School are all smiles (under those masks) now that their students can take Adams State University coursework at their local student drop-in centers! Pictured here: on left: Cordelia Claire Lara, Social Emotional Specialist and Crissy Padilla, Administrative Assistant on the right.

Adams State University and GOAL High School have recently become partners in education! GOAL High School is not only the largest high school in the state, but is also the statewide pioneer of the blended-online model of education Ð a model that, due to the pandemic, our entire nation is trying to embrace. The charter school with over 13 years of experience and authorized under Colorado Springs District 49, has over 5,200 students enrolled who have access to 36 student drop-in centers all across the state Ð including Alamosa, located at 1016 West Avenue.

The local university officials met with GOAL High School leadership last month to finalize a memorandum of understanding, one of over twenty that GOAL has with colleges and universities across the state in addition to eight partners in the trades. Adams State will now offer concurrent enrollment courses to GOAL High School students; GOAL will pick up the tab for tuition, books, and fees. At the onset of the relationship, GOAL students grades 9-12 will take Adams courses taught by Adams State staff. Eventually, GOAL personnel with all criteria in place can become adjunct instructors and teach college courses in the student drop-in center. Many times, this bridge between high school and college can be most helpful in the process of students making the transition. The Principal of GOALÕs Southern region, Jason Hochevar, has been a strong advocate for this model, and has even taught courses himself.

As the partnership evolved, it was interesting to note that a number of the GOAL staff involved are also proud Adams State Alumni including: Dr. Liz Wiggins, Guidance and Counseling Coordinator; Gunnison Pagnotta, Communications Coordinator; Cordelia Lara, Social Emotional Specialist. Key Adams State personnel assisting in the partnership were Renae Haslett, Program Director of Extended Studies; Chris Lopez, Director of Public Relations; Margaret Doell, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs; and Kent Buchanan, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The future is bright for this newly-formed partnership; many other ideas are being discussed, including co-branding opportunities. A playful challenge was even issued forth from one side or the other for a near future engagement in an Esports video game contest. Adams currently has a club and GOAL was last year's Colorado state champion and national runner-up!

Questions or comments: Gunnison Pagnotta, Communications Coordinator, GOAL High School 719-744-3090