Marshall sentence to 11 years in Pruitt shooting

James Marshall

Plus five years parole

ALAMOSA -- James Marshall has been sentenced to 11 years in prison – one year short of the maximum sentence allowed for the charges he was facing in court - and 5 years mandatory parole in the shooting of Alamosa resident Danny Pruitt during a Black Lives Matter protest in Alamosa in June of 2020.

The sentencing hearing lasted more than two hours, with statements made by both Danny Pruitt and James Marshall. It was the first time that Marshall has addressed the court in the matter.

“In his version of the incident, Mr. Marshall said he shot Mr. Pruitt in defense of his wife,” said Judge Gilbert Martinez in his sentencing. “Was Mr. Marshall defending his wife? According to testimony, his wife was behind the truck when Mr. Marshall shot Mr. Pruitt. I do not completely believe he was defending his wife. Did the victim’s conduct cause the offense to occur? There is no indication Mr. Marshall thought Mr. Pruitt had a gun.”

Martinez went on to address the request that Marshall receive the minimum sentence of four years. “This is a case of a good person doing a very bad thing. Giving Mr. Marshall the minimum sentence would unduly diminish the seriousness of the crime and undermine the respect for the law.”

Marshall was taken into custody by the Alamosa County Sheriff’s Department immediately following the sentencing and was removed from the court.

A more detailed story on the sentencing hearing will appear in tomorrow’s edition of the Valley Courier.


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