McCarroll returns from LDS mission

LA JARA — Clay McCarroll, son of Mark and Randa McCarroll from La Jara, recently returned from serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Clay, a 2014 graduate from Centauri High School, served an English-speaking mission in the South African Cape Town Mission.  Although he spoke English, there were about 11 different languages and several dialects to deal with. This meant that even though most people had to speak Afrikaan in order to hold a job, communication with the people was constantly changing, depending on where he was located.

McCarroll reported that the people of South Africa were a happy people, even in the worst situations. They are a strong minded, honest, and generous people. The African people are hard-working and love God. McCarroll learned that “we make choices every day that lead us to God or not. We are blessed when we are obedient. We must have faith and pray, and we can always have a prayer in our hearts. Faith is power and action; we must do the hard things based on faith and trust in the Lord.” McCarroll loved serving the people of South Africa and was blessed in many ways by serving. Clay’s words of advice are to “do what you can to become a better self.”

McCarroll’s future plans include continuing working as an electrician and someday become a lineman.