Medina runs for commissioner

COSTILLA COUNTY — Leroy Medina announced his candidacy for commissioner of Costilla County’s Second District.

Medina is a lifelong resident of Costilla County. He has worked in many leadership positions in the past 35 years. In addition, he is owner of a business that has been in his family for the past three generations.    

In 1984, Medina became plant manager at the Colorado Aggregate and managed 33 full time employees and 72 seasonal employees. Seeking change in 1999, Amerigas needed a sales manager and he filled the position. Medina worked for Amerigas for several years before becoming a public servant for Costilla County. In 2002, he became road & bridge supervisor for District Two, while continuing to work as a driver for Amerigas. Often credited for his effectiveness, he was appointed road & bridge superintendent where he manages an extensive list of crucial duties including workman’s compensation. As a second job, he is presently a detention officer for the Costilla County Jail.    

Experience in leadership efforts led Medina to be the Town of San Luis Mayor Pro Tem after serving as a trustee. He was also a trustee for two years before becoming president of the San Luis Water & Sanitation.  

“People of Costilla County must know that I understand the issues we face as a county and the opportunities before us,” he said. “My leadership background allows me to recognize the struggles of what it takes to be your next commissioner. As the upcoming election year approaches, I would appreciate your vote so that you too can become a change agent in our community. I look forward to serving you in every capacity afforded to me.”