Melgoza is the new AHS activities director

ALAMOSA — Erik Melgoza is the new associate principal/activities director at Alamosa High School for the 2018-2019 school year.

He brings 18 years of experience in education to the position. He has also “coached just about everything.” His career includes a 201/67 record and a state championship as a basketball coach along with five state titles as a softball coach along with numerous top finishes as a cross country/distance coach.

He has spent time living and working in Lamar and Wiley, but noted that the San Luis Valley “feels like home.” He hopes to foster a “positive, winning, attitude” in the activities office and across Alamosa High School.

Melgoza pointed out that the job of an activities director has two components. There is a coaching side and an administrative side to the department. In terms of the coaching side of the position, he wants to be a help to those who are working long hours for the kids in the athletics department.

As for the administrative side of the position, Melgoza wants his office to be a place where things are done “right.” This means having his office play a supporting role for all activities along with greater accountability, always being sure of fiscal responsibility, a sense of urgency, and having individuals that are working towards a common mission. That common mission is a commitment to the success of the students.

Melgoza also wants Alamosa High School to be a high quality environment where students want to be a support to each other in athletic and non-athletic pursuits. 

He also pointed out that Alamosa High School also has a very successful newspaper. He does not want to lose sight of these other avenues for student participation saying “there’s a place for everybody here.” His goal is to make all of the activities at AHS appealing to students and hence create a cycle of success.

Melgoza also hopes that he can be a part of increasing overall school activity involvement. He hopes be a part of helping the community of parents that make up Maroon Pride continue to grow and thrive as well.

“I like to see people succeed,” he said.

Melgoza also pointed out that that he appreciates the atmosphere at Alamosa High School. He also recognizes the fact that the city has been known for its “tremendous” programs and staff at both the high school and collegiate levels.

“They’re winners here,” he said. He is grateful for the opportunity to be able to work for a “great school district.”

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