Mental health focus: Meet the psych team

VALLEY — The San Luis Valley Behavioral Health Group (SLVBHG) is committed to helping individuals, couples, and families of the San Luis Valley. The Psychiatric Team specializes in helping people who are experiencing stress, depression, suicidal thoughts or actions, grief and loss, eating disorders, substance use difficulties, even helping people though the challenges of life.

The providers are highly qualified and skilled in providing quality evidence-based behavioral healthcare. They offer psychiatric evaluations and medication support/ management for a wide variety of psychiatric and psychological concerns.

Within the SLV there in an increasing number of individuals suffering from additions to narcotic pain relievers. To help those individuals, the psychiatric team offers Suboxone therapy. Suboxone can treat the pain as well as the addiction to narcotics.

Medications can play an important role in treatment and are usually more effective when combined with psychotherapy. In some cases, medication can reduce symptoms so that other pieces of treatment can be more effective. For example, a medication may alleviate some significant symptoms of major depression and then talk therapy can help the individual change negative patterns of thinking.

It is difficult to predict exactly who will respond to what medication. It is important to be persistent until the medication or combination of medication is found that works for you. Some psychiatric medications work quickly, seeing improvements within days. However, many work more slowly. Medications may be a short-term aid that only needed a few months. For others it may be a long-term or even a life-long treatment approach. Most people find that medication along with treatment allows them to take charge of their life and make decisions about treatment and their quality of life.

The psychiatric team work closely with the SLBHG’s dedicated outpatient professional staff members including:

  • Licensed Professional Counselors & Clinical Social Workers
  • Master's Level Counselors
  • Certified Addictions Counselors
  • Licensed Psychologist
  • Case managers, Care Coordinators
  • Customer Service Representatives & Patient Navigators

To get started

The first step is to complete a client registration by calling 719-589-3671 and come in for an intake. You can make an appointment or ask about our walk-in schedule.

Caption: From left are Charmine Madril, Lizdebeth Venzor, Lynette Moore and Ruby Favela. Courtesy photo.

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