Missing loved ones in Heaven

I miss my son. However, I do get to video visit with him now that the institution where he’s at has digital capability. It’s limited though.

I get requests from him to look up books and authors. Then I can use the systems messaging program to virtually email him.  It’s almost like he’s around the corner because sometimes his job kept him so busy, we could only communicate by video, email, etc. Recently he asked me about the book by Dr. Daniel Amen – The End of Mental Illness. That book addresses many diagnoses including head trauma. This week, he asked about The Hidden Bias of Good People and a pod cast by Dr Bryant Marks creator of The National Training Institute on Race & Equity (NTIRE). He also asked me to find the definition of “ zeit·geist | Collegiate Definition : the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.”

Marks also writes on his website (www.ntire.training), “For example, while research demonstrates that men and women may differ in how they experience the world, Black men may also differ from White men, and Asian women may differ from Hispanic women.” 

I miss my friends who have left for heaven like Patt Morgan-Lloyd. My mom has been gone from Earth for almost 11 years. 

Sometimes, I catch myself in the kitchen where my son made original pizza and bread, and so I’m thinking of sharing a meal with him. Or I catch a glimpse of another plastic Easter Egg that Patt left for me many Easter’s ago. 

I was looking through pictures of my family and came upon a picture of my cousin Jerry who was like a brother to me, as is his sister.  Jerry was taken by tobacco and alcohol when it turned into stage 4 cancer.  In the picture, Jerry is carving the turkey, another he turns to grin at me on a Christmas Eve.

Patt read a lot, like my friend in Monument does and my son, too.  In one of her last columns called “After the Fact” she wrote: When I turn the television on in the middle of the night, I can fall asleep in minutes, regardless the programming. This never happens with a book. There are no batteries to be replaced in a REAL book, either, and I can “re-play” any chapter over and over. While I still cannot bring myself to write in a book or to dog-ear pages in a hard-back copy, almost any scrap of paper will serve as a bookmark. I’ve lost many important reminders between pages of a book “in progress.”

It’s so important in this time of missing loved ones to continue “masking up” for others and getting vaccinated as soon as we can.  It’s also important to tell your loved ones, near and far, “I love you” often and take lots of pictures.