Mito returns for ‘Afternoon of Flamenco and Classical Guitar’

CRESTONE — Shumei International Institute is happy to welcome back flamenco guitarist, composer, musician, and vocalist, Miguel “Mito” de Soto on Sunday July 9th at 4 p.m.

Presently, Mito is based in Santa Fe, NM. Mito is a multi-instrumentalist in which these talents are utilized in his recorded music. Live, he is a powerhouse of sound. Trained in classical music at the U.W-Milw, Mito’s flamenco and classical compositions are personified by his ability to mask complex chord structures under a searing melody line. Although Mito continues to have many of his classical compositions performed publicly by various chamber ensembles, he professes his enduring love for flamenco music.

There are many music styles worldwide that influence and shape a musician throughout his/her life. For Mito, paternal and maternal family members have always been “instrumental” at introducing him to a diverse montage of musical instruments, such as: mouth harps, various stringed instruments, flutes, guitars, clapping (palmas), rhythmic stomping and of course plenty of singing.

Mito took masters’ classes with world-renowned percussionist Alex Acuña which taught him the use of poly-rhythms of five beats against three beats (accenting beat one for each measure). He has also studied poly-metric (multiple changing beats per piece) drumming time signatures with master drummers from Senegal & Ghana, as well as East Indian rhythms in 9 and 10 beat measures, and of course, the 12/8 – beat measures in flamenco music. Come celebrate the musical culture of flamenco and classical “Music de Mito™”.

Tickets for the concert are a $10 suggested donation, and all proceeds benefit the artist directly. He brings with him his latest CD. For information call 719/256-5284 or visit

Caption: Mito returns to Shumei for a Sunday afternoon concert. Photo courtesy of