Movin' on with Nellie: I’m grateful for Christian Community Services Project

I’m so thankful right now.

I’m beholden to the Christian Community Services Project (719-589-2330) and the University Park Methodist youth who traveled here to help with repairs to my property.  They have already painted and stained my deck, removed all kinds of overgrowth and painted my backyard fence.  Whatever the chore that Steve gives them, they are ready with their gloves, hats and glasses to tackle it.  I cannot say enough kind words and thank-you’s to them! I’m thankful too for Garrison Fence’s donation of chain-link plus the gates to CCSP and for the meals the college provided the growing teens that came to dig, mow, paint, hammer and pull. 

Inside my home, I still recognize arrangements that Barbara Casados did and so I remain grateful to her. She cleaned my living room and my dishes more than once. She’s the one who introduced me to The Young and The Restless. Genevieve, Karli and Patt are good friends much like shiny turquoise!

I’m indebted to counselors who encourage endurance in times of overwhelming perspectives.  Seeing the truth is often more than a political ad, I’ve learned.  I’m totally glad because my sisters and cousin are gifts too. They keep me in stitches with FaceTime jokes and messages about their latest beach adventure.

I’m thankful for my son who not only checks on me but brought refreshments for CCSP. All the kids appreciated the chocolate chip cookies and lemonade for their work break.

I’m lucky to know the local animal rescues and volunteers like Aileen and Frank Peek, Donna Ditmore, Marge Hauer and Lisa Karst.  Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue ( pulls cockers out of shelters and fosters in homes with lots of tender hugs. There are so many kittens who need help with feeding and most of all trap-neuter-release (TNR.) Feral cats are domestic cats that due to no fault of theirs were let go. Somewhere on their ancestry line a distant owner released their cat and thus began the over population.  To curb the feral feline growth Jackson Galaxy from Animal Planet says we must TNR to reduce overpopulation and disease.  Cats Alive SLV has TNR-ed almost 1000 cats and offers vouchers if you visit their website and apply.  ( They along with ALPHA provide cat food for their rescued colonies.  What a blessing food donations and volunteer hours are for the care of these sweet creatures!

I appreciate my neighbors who check on me and let me know they are a phone call away. What gifts my friends who call, text or email are! I’m thankful for the neighborhood voices of children and teens at play. Listening for the high school marching band as they practice and for the crack of the baseball bat each spring makes cloudy skies fade away.

I’m happy about life and the summer equinox with so much sunshine. I’m pleased to see the subtleties of blue in the Colorado Blue Spruce.  Glimpsing the sky hues in the sunrise, when I’m awake, remind me of denim lapis gems in the hills. I’m so thankful for the columbines blooming and the irises and the beautiful century old forests—habitat for sundry wildlife.

And so, it is that kindness leads to many, many, many thank you’s!

—Nelda Curtiss is a former substance-prevention media specialist, former journalist, and retired college professor who enjoys writing and fine arts. Contact her at [email protected]