Movin' On with Nellie: Trump-y needs Dr. Phil for Whitehouse call

This week I learned that Trump-y has some serious behavioral health (aka mental health) issues. These behaviors are manifested with his 3 a.m. tweets that are riddled with lies, fake news, and threats to build a wall. I believe the country would be better served by appropriating for weekly (maybe even hourly) sessions with Dr. Phil McGraw than for paying all the extra millions for Secret Service at his weekly vacations in Florida or for Melania to stay put in Trump-y’s towers.

Paying attention to Dr. Phil is a big help in understanding this sitting president who gets his energy from lambasting others on Twitter. Dr. Phil calls out abusers for what they are despite their hiding behind words “I didn’t do that.” Dr. Phil calls out narcissists who belittle everyone and without fail thinks irrationally. Dr. Phil calls out hateful rhetoric when he lists behaviors on the smart screen and calls a spade a spade.

He is so ill informed with Breitbart News, a known white supremacist fake news source, that he evidently believes that the Affordable Care Act is an act of sedition and treason. This revelation is evident by his unbelievable tweet that President Barack Obama spied on him. If so, and it IS NOT so, Trump-y already has access to all the documents that would disprove that Obama signed a spy request. Calling for an investigation just cements the notion that Trump-y doesn’t read nor understands much of what he reads, except Breitbart, much less his daily/weekly security briefings.

Some believe this monster is even a Christian. Pope Francis has called him out on this referencing “the wall” he wants to build as un-christian. My own knowledge tells me that Jesus was not a wealthy person and showered the poor, elderly, infirm with love and food. Jesus never dismissed those seeking dreams to improve their lot and say to them, “Let them build the wall.” By the way, the wall he wants to build is fast becoming a facility that the American taxpayer is paying for. What would Jesus do, ought to be the call against this white supremacist president and his old wealthy fogies.

Trump-y is causing America to bleed with his pushing Trump-yCare. I (as probably the reader too) will be one of those without the extra help that the ACA (aka Obamacare) has provided 20 million others and me. I’m one of the 20 million as an elderly, disabled and Social Security recipient that will be hurt by the replacement. This GOP Administration is pulling levers to trash all semblance of caring for others.  His Trump-ycare will afford the rich even more riches and cutbacks while gutting Social Security and health benefits to beyond the poor and elderly being able to buy anything, much less health care.

These benefits are not entitlements as the GOP and Trump-y have misnamed. We have all paid for them in our deductions for Social Security and Medicare. Check paycheck stubs. We have EARNED these retirements and health care and it is not a question of entitlements. What will we do when our retirement is slashed by 50 percent and we are forced to buy overpriced insurance and breaks go to the wealthy, again?  

So these are the works of a dictator and an oligarchy and not what behooves a democracy or representative government. Historians and Noam Chomsky, a well known professor of government and philosophy, has written 10 examples of Dictators.

Like Hussein, Trump-y is obsessed with the display of wealth, as in a gold toilet. Like Marcos, he is obsessed with grandiosity at the expense of common-man (and woman) and the elderly who have worked hard all of their lives.

Like Putin, he is poisoning our minds with fake news because he is (as we will soon find out) part of the scam to interfere with the U.S. Election process and take the democrat party down and the scam which illegitimately crowned Trump-y. We are quickly becoming a suburb of Moscow since Trump loves Putin so much.

He lied to the public, like Hitler did. Like I said in the opening, Trump-y needs to see a psychiatrist or psychologist like Dr. Phil McGraw. The senate and house need to impeach this monster before he is successful in turning the country into a totalitarian government where no one can write about dissenting views, or talk about them, or choose where or even if they will attend church. We need to stop this monster before science is outlawed and the great cataclysm is humans on earth destroying humanity in total, destroying the terra (Latin for earth) where we live and glorifying a dictator without a brain, not even kernel of brain.

Write your representatives today.  

Nelda Curtiss is a retired college professor who enjoys writing and fine arts. Contact her with ideas for her next column at [email protected]


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